Elimination Communication

If you’ve never heard of EC before, take a deep breath, you’re treading on weird territory here!  (at least I sure thought so at first!) Some people call it Natural Infant Hygiene, some call it Infant Potty Training, and some call it Elimination Communication, or EC, for short.


No matter what you want to call it, the basic premise is the same = Working with (communicating with) your child from as young an age as possible to be able to eliminate bodily waste in a clean, hygienic, convenient manner! 

Babies are born not wanting to wet themselves – have you ever been peed on during a diaper change?! Most of us have, I’d venture to guess! That’s because when babies feel that they are free and clear of clothes, they take that opportunity to get rid of their waste at a time when it won’t be sitting right there next to their skin, staying wet and soggy. (As they become able, they will pee on the changing table and then try to roll away! Clever, huh?)

Elimination Communication! Let’s break this down to the bare bones – Find the “How To” posts  here –

Establing a Cue Sound for Elimination Communication

Clues and Signals

Timing and Intuition for practicing EC 




EC is Fun! Enjoy!

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