Ready to Quit ECing a Toddler?

  • Posted on April 14, 2011 at 4:29 pm

Just a little note of encouragement if you feel like not doing EC with your toddler anymore…

Just the fact that he knows what a potty is for is giant steps ahead of if you’d never done anything with him. You’ve given him the opportunity to learn, you’ve responded to his needs rather than ignored them, whether or not you feel it’s “worked” or not.

(Also: I would also just like to add that if you don’t know that there are signs, or that babies have bladder awareness and control – then it’s not “ignoring” them if you aren’t ECing…ya know? Ignoring is a conscious act.)

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  1. Awa says:

    I think with you doing EC with BiP you might enjoy a more simpler diirepang system a little better, something that goes on and off as easily as a disposable. I don’t have any Flip diapers, but they sound similar to my Softbums in the sense that they have an insert and a shell. Since the shell can be re-used I hang them up to air out between uses and it’s not the ease of putting on a disposable really. I have the extra steps of grabbing the cover + pulling an insert out of the cabinet, snapping it in, then getting it on a squirmy kid. I have to make sure the insert isn’t too high (will leak out the top) or too low (will fall down and bunch up) so I sometimes have to re-adjust. I don’t have any all-in-one diapers but I imagine those are most like disposables, especially if you get velcro. We do have pocket diapers though and they are just as easy to put on as disposables so long as they are pre-stuffed. I do diaper laundry in the evening then throw the inserts in the dryer and line dry the covers so they are ready for me to stuff first thing in the morning. Pockets are the ones DH always grabs first since he doesn’t have to do any extra work, just put them on. He would prefer if all our stash were pockets diapers.Now that we have a system going that we both enjoy (well DH doesn’t enjoy’ it and he never really will, but he puts up with it for me lol), I really do love cloth diirepang. I’ve become quite an addict and if I had more money we’d probably have enough diapers to sufficiently cloth diaper a small platoon.You might grow to love your Flip diapers or you could try out something else and see what you think. I’m itching to try something new maybe prefolds and covers or an AIO .or some sort of hybrid like the Flip or gDiapers. There are so many to choose from! How am I supposed to decide?

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