Some ideas for EC on the Go!

  • Posted on April 15, 2011 at 9:04 pm

A friend asked some hypothetical questions for doing Elimination Communication while out of the house today… and I thought it would be fun to post my answers here as well! Now keep in mind that I’m answering from a past-tense kind of perspective since my daughter is now an EC Graduate.

Here are the situations she posed:

1.) at a friends house

2.) at a public event, car is nearby

3.) away all day, can’t get to the car at all, restrooms are few and far between (and privacy is hard to get too)

4.) away for a week at a hotel

and here are my answers! 

1. same as at home – but DD was fine using big regular toilets. if she wasn’t than I would have probably brought her baby bjorn little potty. But we’d just ask friend where the bathroom is and excuse ourselves, etc.

2. I’d have probably just found the public restroom (and covered the auto flush sensor with my hand!) we never really got into the groove of using the bblp in the car much. When she was younger we did a little, but it didn’t stick. and that was okay with me cuz I could hold her above a public toilet (kept her clean) and didn’t have to clean out the bblp either!

3. oooh, much harder. I probably would have put the bblp in the diaper bag with a bunch of paper towels. I would have found a spot as much out of the way as possible and then used my body to cover her a bit. She had/has no sense of privacy, so she wouldn’t have minded that part! But for the sake of everyone else, I would have tried to be discrete!
If it really really wasn’t possible to potty her, then I’d have just brought a TON of diapers and changed her as often as I knew she peed.

4. for hotels, I’d bring the baby bjorn little potty! and EC just like we do at home.

Now, all those answers are for doing those things while REALLY wanting to EC. Not everyday would have been one of those days. But like I said for #3, on days I didn’t feel like we could potty, I just tried to bring extra diapers so we could go through them fast. I would probably have brought sposies to an event like that tho – they pack smaller when clean and I could toss them in the trash when I was done with them so I didn’t have to haul a GIANT diaper bag all day.

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  1. Ivalene says:

    That saves me. Thanks for being so sneslibe!

  2. happyday67 says:

    Thanks for the great read. I will surely visit this site again

  3. happyday67 says:

    You clearly know your stuff. Wish I could think of something clever to write here. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mert says:

    My middle child peed in the potty for the first time at 15 monhts because she was copying her big sister (who was 2 1/2 at the time). I honestly had no intentions of potty training that young, but she set the pace, and we followed her lead. I just had her sit on the potty whenever her big sis did (if she showed an interest), and we started putting her in pull-ups. I know most people are anti-pull-up, but they worked fine for my daughter. By her 2nd birthday, she was keeping them dry all day every day, and I realized it was finally time to buy her some of her own panties. D’oh!Since my older daughter didn’t even start to potty train until 26 monhts or so, I really didn’t anticipate how quickly my younger daughter would figure things out. My oldest continued to wet the bed at night until she was 4 years old, but my younger daughter was consistently dry at night and wearing undies to bed starting at 2 1/2.Oh, and we had a small potty, but my kids alternated between using that and the regular potty.

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