Is my child ready to Potty Train?

  • Posted on August 29, 2011 at 6:30 pm

So many people seem to think a child has to be a certain age before Potty Training is even “attempted”.  Therefore, I just have to lend my voice to the other side of the coin…. starting when a child is young doesn’t equate cruelty or forcing the issue. It doesn’t require bribes. It doesn’t mean the parent is doing all the “work”.

Potty Training is supposed to be FUN!! Just like anything else a child learns early in life. When you teach your child to sing the ABC’s, you’re not doing it because they HAVE to. Or because there’s a rule. It’s just fun. Why not sing that one? Why not offer the potty? They don’t have to use it, but having the option available makes the transition much more normal and easier for them when they feel like using it.

How many times does a child hear a song before they sing it back? How many times has a child seen another person use the potty before you expect them to do the same?

Children learn by watching. If they never see a toilet, never hear what it’s for, rarely have access – how can we expect them to use it quickly??!

And why, when we’re Potty Training, do we want the child to suddenly do it ALL themselves? We didn’t expect that when we taught them to use a spoon. We Expected them to make a mess. For MONTHS! and we thought it was cute! and we just put them in the bathtub after dinner. No biggie.

I think the most important thing is NOT how old or “Ready” your child is, but what is the parental attitude toward the process? Are YOU having fun? Do you enjoy spending that extra face to face time with your child? Do you make games out of it? Where is your sense of humor?

With a lighthearted, fun attitude – anything is possible.

p.s. Helping your child get food when they’re hungry and a nap when they’re tired isn’t socially considered “parent-training” so why is it taboo to help a child pull their pants down to go potty? I’ve never understood that one!

Do whatever YOU want because it’s your life and your child – but please don’t underestimate your child or his desires. Staying clean and dry is more comfortable at any age!

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  1. Karadenizli says:

    The thing is, they have to be ready not you. It will only make you more frustrated if you try to start them on soehtming to quick and they don’t cooperate. If either one is able to let you know when they are wet then that is a good sign then you can tell them, the next time you feel like you are about to pee, let me know and if you pee in the potty like a big girl I will give you ___ as a reward . Kids love rewards and will try harder when they know that they can get soehtming in return. Now don’t confuse that with a bribe..very different. Kids get excited for stickers lol. Here is an idea I have used a lot and it has worked 9/10 times. Sit across from her while she is on the toilet and say, turn the potty water yellow hold your hand up to your ear and say lets listen for it . When she finally does it you will both be excited. And always reward her with soehtming small when she does it. More than likely it won’t work the first or even the second time but when they understand what you have them doing they will be more excited to prove that they can do it. But remember if it doesn’t happen don’t get discouraged. They can pick up on that and may lose interest. Just tell her it is ok and maybe next time. Good Luck! Diapers are pricy!

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