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Non-stop Peeing!

  • Posted on April 14, 2011 at 4:35 pm

Feel like your child just WON’T stop peeing?! Or that s/he pees constantly allllll day long??

That can be because of wearing diapers. 

See here’s what I’ve read – out of instinct kids don’t want to pee on themselves, so if they’re wearing a diaper they try not to go. Eventually though, they can’t hold it so they go a little bit, then stop. But with conventionally diapered kids, we don’t change them right away, so a little while later they end up peeing a little more, and so on and so forth. Now, at first a baby might not like this, but eventually they get used to it and truly don’t mind sitting in it. But by that point, they are so used to peeing in little spurts all day long that they continue the habit. (hence – “diaper training”) (Which can be why, when PLing, you end up setting a timer for every 20-30 min!) phew! which to me is just exhausting! Who has time for that?!

My daughter had started the peeing non-stop all day thing (I worried about a UTI!) around 12mo when we didn’t do any EC for over a week (on vacation and I felt very condemned for alot of my parenting choices, so a lot of them slipped for a while – which I am not proud of ) when we got home she was a peeing machine! I went thru SO many diapers! (yay for cloth!) But in a week she was peeing so INfrequently that I almost starting worrying she was dehydrated! She wasn’t, she just knew that I would take her to pee so she didn’t use a diaper – she’d wait for me.

Ready to Quit ECing a Toddler?

  • Posted on April 14, 2011 at 4:29 pm

Just a little note of encouragement if you feel like not doing EC with your toddler anymore…

Just the fact that he knows what a potty is for is giant steps ahead of if you’d never done anything with him. You’ve given him the opportunity to learn, you’ve responded to his needs rather than ignored them, whether or not you feel it’s “worked” or not.

(Also: I would also just like to add that if you don’t know that there are signs, or that babies have bladder awareness and control – then it’s not “ignoring” them if you aren’t ECing…ya know? Ignoring is a conscious act.)