Training the Parents?

I’ve heard some opposition to the concept of Elimination Communication in the form of the statement, “It’s just training the parents. The child isn’t being trained.”

To that I have to say – No one is being “Trained”. It’s not about training. It’s about communicating! A person who practices EC is working with Baby to help them stay clean and dry. What’s so bad about that? If I respond to my babies cries to eat and sleep – am I “trained” to feed her when she’s hungry? Or give her a nap when she’s tired? Well – sure. With that definition – you bet I’m trained!

The things is, EC isn’t about getting out of diapers sooner. It’s not about saving money. It’s not about forcing a baby to use the toilet. It IS about communicating with Baby and responding to his/her needs. That’s why my favorite “label” for it is EC! Elimination Communication. I’m not trying to get results – I’m just on a communication journey together with my baby. :)

In the process if I happen to save some money and use less diapers – GREAT! But that’s not the point. The point is that it’s much more comfortable for a baby to have clean dry clothes than wet ones. The more I can do to help with that – then I’ll do it! Not every pee will be “caught” and not every poo will go in the toilet – but that’s ok! The attempt and the continued communication is worth it no matter the outcome.

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