Timing and Intuition

Never underestimate the power of timing. Sometimes watching for clues just doesn’t seem to work. Some babies don’t signal very clearly – but there are other ways! If you baby doesn’t signal, don’t stress – just use “timing”!  Now, when I say “Timing” I do not mean watch the clock. That is just way too much work! (of course, using the clock is a valuable tool at times, so I don’t through it out completely, but in this post, we’re going to talk about a different kind of timing)

To offer “pottytunities” in a “Timely” way – :) Here are some ideas:

* Offer the potty after getting out of the car

* Before getting in the car

* Before/after eating

* During nursing/bottle (Yes! It’s possible!)

* After getting out of a baby carrier (Baby will usually try very very hard not to wet in a baby carrier)

* After waking from night and naps.

* In between events. Ex. going from one room to another. Or switching from one game to another. Or before going outside. These are called Transitional Moments!

Success with timing and (especially older) babies is most common when offered at transitional moments. Obviously if Baby is engrossed in playing s/he’s not going to want to be interrupted to be whisked off to the bathroom. – But if we offer during times when Baby isn’t totally engrossed in something else, we are much more likely to be met with a pleasant response!

Mother’s Intuition 


There’s no rhyme or reason, but sometimes a parent “just knows” – take advantage of that! Don’t discount it, give it a try! Follow your instincts. The more you do, the more in tune your instincts will get! :)

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  1. kim says:

    My dd, who is now 16, and number 7 in a line of 8, woke from a nap one day as an infant of a few months old. Since the diaper was dry, I took her to the big potty, kneeled in front of her as I put her onto the potty. Since we all know what sitting on a toilet is like, I will not explain. But, she had the same effect, and she peed. She may have gone number 2 also, I truly do not remember. Since that time, while she was little, when the diaper came off, I’d hold her on the potty for just a couple minutes, and she always went. She was potty trained completely between 17 and 19 months. I think i did much the same with child #8. Sure…it’s extra work, if that is what a parent would even want to call raising children, but it’s a sense of accomplishment. Doesn’t hurt the child or me, and saves on diapers.

  2. Leidy says:

    At last! Someone who udenrstands! Thanks for posting!

  3. Elhacker says:

    My favorite tips potty traniing , which I think is * parent * traniing to be when the child is not ready and willing, is that it goes much more smoothly when the child may decide * they * are ready, use the toilet are . This is usually done (or did with my own children, at least) 2.5 to 3 years. old for girls, and between 3 and 3.5 years. old for Jungen.Ich usually the concept of using the toilet when the child initially shows little interest, which is usually around 2 years. But IME, the interest in the toilet is not everything in the vicinity of actual readiness. I do encourage and praise the child for whatever cooperation that they feel like giving at this time, but actually changing diapers, underwear and expects them to use the toilet at this time is something I’m forcing unwilling. After practicing how to do this for many months without pressure, eventually the child wants to use the restroom, how to manage their clothes, clean properly, and then followed by washing alone. IME, if you leave them to the potty is to choose according to their own internal readiness, they need a much bigger sense of accomplishment and pride, much less external motivation (stickers, treats, diagrams, etc.). If you potty train your child at the age of 2 (or less), and they willingly go along with it, great but end up with a 2 yr. old are you really a * parent * who is trained. Trained to do their child like a hawk, trained to take the child to the toilet and help them to almost everything, from pulling down & Bottoms Up to wipe, to look to wash your hands afterwards. I have enough time to figure out with my first two babies, that * I * was the one who was trained. And try to hurry along the potty switch when the child was not yet ready or willing only in rebellion, accidents, regression, and all kinds of negative associations geffchrt.Manche people feel the need to pressure their child to potty, because the child care center or preschool wants them out of diapers. I do not know what to say except that I do not force you to believe that independence for my children because I believe that they then grow into it, if they are willing to have and my own experience has taught me to to trust that even further. If I were in that situation, I personally would discuss it with the supervisor / teacher and let them know I do not intend to push my child on this issue, and I also do not impart any consent for it. If they have a policy that they have needed, I would be looking for a new facility or the shifting of the daycare / preschool until the child was ready. I would certainly speak to the child and let them know that the decision to use the potty she would not do again in their kindergarten / preschool, but the choice would still be too ihnen.Ich if this approach appeals to you, there seems, objected to what to go about 98% of the U.S. population practices, but it works quite well for my family. I tried the old fashioned way, twice, and in my eyes it was I less effective for me and for my Kinder.Ich help just about my 6th Child learn to use the potty, she is almost 3 years. old and doing almost everything all by yourself. In fact, to say that I help it is an exaggeration. After trying to motivate them all last year, the toilet and lack of interest and meeting resistance all the time (and I was not pushing, just courage), they finally decided on her own and for about a month and a half bet ago that she was ready. She has done the whole thing from beginning to their own, since the end. Do you have an accident now and then, but she helps herself cleaned up and then changed too, and more than once has the sting of the rash that left her wet panties to say no to me or to ask for help ffchlte.Sie is not quite 100% there yet, though she’s still not doing it poops on the toilet every time. But it is to find out that the full panties are not worth what they play of forgetting to stop and go to the toilet is won. I have faith that they will come for all the right conclusions on their costs, in a very short time. Best of luck to you, I hope my experience and outlook has been helpful for you!

  4. Lizeth says:

    We are at the rear end of the education of our datehugr who will be 2 next week. We have the potty early, they would have to sit with her clothes and diaper, when we went to leave, they stared asking us to take her diaper. Or when we saw that she had poop (could tell by their facial expressions), we would be very excited and say, go to the potty when we went to make a big ordeal. We have tried, stickers, a special treat such as bowling, etc., none of these worked really for them. We let them go with us into the store and choose from a 1 pack of panties she liked and then we told her that if she went in the potty 2 times on that day they would get to it for a bit contribute at a time. if they did they keep going they could bear. That’s only worked for so long. Then we started the potty dance every time she went in the potty! She loved it. And because it went so well they got to flush the potty! The other thing that’s helped for a week I took a kiss every hour. Then, after I found out how often she goes really, and they began figuring out what it is, if they felt had to go. Every child is different. You may need to try a few different things. Hope this is helpful!

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