Which is Faster? EC vs. Diapering

Can EC really be faster than diapering? How?

Well, it’s probably not at first. Just like anything you need practice in order to get good at it! But let’s look at it in the form of steps taken…


Conventional Diaper Change:

* catch baby

* carry to changing table

* grab supplies on the way (diaper, wipes, wet wash cloth?, diaper rash cream?)

* remove pants

* remove diaper

* wash baby’s bottom, clean smeared messes out of tiny places!

* throw diaper and wipes away

* put on clean diaper (aka – hold squirmy toddler down!)

* put on pants


EC “Pottytunity”:

* ask baby if s/he needs to go

* walk to bathroom (or little potty – wherever it is!)

* remove pants and diaper (usually done in one step because diaper isn’t full and messy)

* sit on potty

* sing a song/play a game

* wipe baby’s bottom with (cloth!) wipe or toilet paper

* put on clothes (once you’re using a pull-on trainer this step is even faster and easier! We went to trainers at approximately 9 months)

* flush


Final tally – 9 steps vs 8 steps. So not that much different, some might say. But considering the speed factor needed to wipe a baby’s (especially if they’ve pooped) bottom when they’ve eliminated in the toilet vs in their diaper – you can see where things can speed up!  Also another step I’ve found to be much faster is that in ECing my daughter I never had the physical battle of holding a toddler still to get the diaper back on. It just didn’t happen! We had no power struggles about that because it wasn’t needed. It was a non-issue. 

Another thing I found to be nice and quick about ECing is that we could just flush and be done! No need to wrap a stinky diaper up and dispose of it “properly” or worry about the diaper garbage stinking up the house if I forgot to take out the trash. Just flush and done! This was also super handy when out and about – we didn’t need to find a special bathroom with a changing table – we just used the normal stalls! Or the side of the road when traveling in the country! :)

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