Why EC?

I enjoy Elimination Communication because… 


It builds communication between child and caregiver.
It reinforces maintaining bodily awareness.
It builds trust in their own body and their understanding of it.
It builds trust in their parent (provider) that their needs will be met.
It reduces/eliminate painful diaper rash.
It has helped me think about why we do the things we do automatically and understand better if that’s truly what I want to do – now that I realize I have a choice!
It keeps baby comfortable.
We teach puppies and kittens where to eliminate – why not our children?
Because bare baby bums are SO cute!
It cuts down on laundry if you use cloth, which cuts down on money spent.
It cuts down on sposies if you don’t use cloth, which cuts down on money spent.
It is way cleaner having poop go in the toilet than smeared across baby’s private parts.

And, now that I’ve put in the early work – it’s SOOOOO much easier than doing diapers!

2 Comments on Why EC?

  1. Nettie says:

    No complaints on this end, simlpy a good piece.

  2. Ruhul says:

    It looks like a lot of rewards for your DS! :) My DD (2 1/2 yo that time) potty train in suemmr when she wants to play water outside, that week we potty trained. My 2nd DD potty train (28 months at that time) potty trained finally after watching the sister went potty so many times. I didn’t reward them, but did cheers a lot for them! lol

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